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Mother project


Finding true wishes from the three themes that many women are worried about and restarting a happy life

Petit Mother Retreat

It is a one-day retreat plan for mothers

Three themes that many women are worried about

❶ Parenting

❷ Partnership

❸ Life work


About the life, work, and dreams that you really want to realize

Are you struggling to find a timely balance for your husband, children and family?


Are you anxious or angry because of issues such as child-rearing and marital relationships?


Those challenges are tied to your true wishes.


Rather than suffering from challenges

Creating challenges according to your wishes


A new possibility lies in what I feel as a challenge


Would you like to experience a change of thinking together through the time you spend facing yourself, away from the stressful daily life?


Know your current location from both conscious and physical perspectives and approach your wishes.

-Finding true wishes from existing issues-


Sae Katsuta Profile

Born in 1975

Meet dolphin swims on Mikurajima and Hawaii in their 20s

After getting married, she gave a dolphin swim 7 months pregnant and gave birth to her eldest daughter underwater.

With her husband's business independence, he is the manager of a specialty store that sells wooden toys in Europe and Japan and proposes play.

Learn about infant development and play, and hold seminars

Boys Town Common Sense Parenting Program Infant Edition Beginner Instructor Completed

2012 Main activities are building blocks and art to create a creative play environment for infants

Participate in the opening of the Creative Preschool

Currently, we are conducting child-rearing courses based on Adler psychology for parents of Preschool and contributing to the establishment of child-rearing policies.

Participated in a dolphin swim to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2020 with a 9-year-old second daughter

Regaining connection with nature and the earth through the nature experience program from April 2021

Presides over "Earth Friends"

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