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Nice to meet you


I ’m Sae Katsuta from Earth Friends.

 The beginning of Earth Friends


February 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii



Movie "Mother Ocean"


To Dolphin Swim Retreat



It was because I participated as a parent and child

I'm in Nagoya


As a store manager of a wooden toy specialty store, Yubo


In addition, the operation of the atelier in the annex


Creative Preschool Kakuoyama

Management etc.


I've been working for over 15 years

Surrounded by beautiful domestic and foreign wooden toys


Time with children at school


it was a fun time

While raising children


The days of practicing the education I learned

An important time to grow yourself


I feel it was

From around 2019, my consciousness


Change little by little

Stay away from important work


The Ishitoru Shiro district in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture

Visiting with a relationship


Traveling around Japan

My life work


Spent time to look back

I met a dolphin swim before getting married

I had a dreamlike and mysterious experience

Dolphins have become special to me


Every day of parenting and work


From such my time


Consciousness went away

November 2019 Reina Sato's movie


Knowing "Mother Ocean"

To be guided by overwhelming beauty


For the first time in 20 years in 2020


Second daughter Sayaka to Hawaii


"With the children


Connection with the earth


I want to do an activity to remember. "

Such feelings will increase and activities will be carried out


Decided to start

Fifth Dreams Project


Reina Sato taught me

"Meeting dolphins and whales


Meet yourself with high consciousness "

After meeting the dolphins


The environment will take about half a year


It can change


Experienced many times


I feel it from the bottom of my heart

It's like magic

This is my real experience


The Earth Friends logo is

A picture of a dolphin, a whale and a turtle


It is an illustration of the logo

I went to Amami Oshima to see a whale in March

Sayaka, the second daughter of 10 years old, drew it


I went to see a dolphin when I was 7 months pregnant

Akari, the eldest daughter born underwater, is 19 years old

She swam with dolphins for the first time at the age of five

I love animals and met horses


To learn animal science

Studying abroad in the United States

For me dolphins and whales

It ’s a special existence.

Dolphin swim to the Big Island


In the wake

With the children I met in Yubo


To dolphins and whales together


To go to see you


It became my next dream

and Deeply connected to the earth and nature

Where I met people who live 



Gujo City Shirotoricho Itoshiro District

The important consciousness of the good old Japanese


A place that reminds me


I will also take the children to Itoshiro

And the activity of the field to grow flowers and vegetables


Open garden too

An important time to feel nature in your life


What do you want to do in your dreams?

Dreamy reality with children


Let's create

From what I can do now

Remembering the connection with the earth and nature

A sustainable society

Let's create with children


​Sae Katsuta

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