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Open Garden

"With children as well as building blocks and modeling


I wish I could do activities that touch the soil. "

I thought


Creating fields from April 2020


I'm doing

40 minutes by car from the city of Nagoya where the base is located

We are active in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture

First time in November 2020


Open garden

Sweet potatoes and taro digging


12 I enjoyed with my family

Only the staff


It was a field that I had been caring for

In 2021, we will make a field together


To experience


I'm going to challenge

◎ You can participate in the weekend with your family

◎ Relaxing with mothers on weekdays

  We who live in urban areas

  Consciously to children

  Experience connecting with nature

I want to give it


Enjoyable work

Think together

Let's prepare

When growing from seeds and seedlings

Of flowers and vegetables

Life force

In ourselves

Remind me of power

Will give you

We adults too

With children

Connect with nature together

let's have fun

We who live in the city


Focusing on children

With family members raising children

I want to grow a garden

thinking about

For building blocks and modeling activities

In addition, activities that touch the soil

New field

Field is differentand

I cherish it in Yubo

(Attachment) to children


The relationship isI want to share


Children in the garden

While playing freely

I want you to touch the soil

I am thinking

Focusing on children

The expanding garden


I'm looking forward to it from now on


​Scheduled for 2021

 April Planting taro

  May plant sweet potatoes

  June Harvesting onions and potatoes


 Harvesting okra and edamame

September Sowing radish

October   Garden work day

November Harvesting sweet potatoes and taro

Garden work day

  January   Harvesting radish

  February Plant potatoes


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